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Remedios, Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México (inglés)


Coordinates:19.470798, -99.270160

how to get there

With Car From México City
– Option 1: From Mexico City it is a trip of just one hour if there is no traffic jam, if there is, the trip could last an hour and a half. You should take Río San Joaquín west direction until you reach Toreo de Cuatro Caminos. Then, you should take Periférico by north direction, you could take the central lanes or the sideway. From here you should follow the general instructions.
– Option 2: Take Periférico from the south and keep north until you reach the Gustavo Baz exit. From here you should follow the general instructions.
– General Instructions: Keep in the sideway of Periférico, you should see the J. García López funerals in a half roundabout, take the roundabout and you should see a VIPS restaurant and a Walmart. You must take the Paseos de la Hacienda street until you reach Jardines de San Mateo and cross Periférico from above. If you continue 500 meters you should reach a roundabout there you need to take a street that is in front of the Calzada de los Remedios street that runs sideways Parque de los Remedios you should continue below a bridge and take the Morelos street. Continue in Morelos street for two or three blocks until you encounter a Y intersection, you should drive to Cipreses road (this also runs sideways Parque de los Remedios) until you reach the aqueduct, there you should take right in a Y intersection that is one block ahead of De los Arcos street. You should drive to the next Y intersection and take Girasoles street, on the left. Once in the Girasoles street you must continue until you reach a steep street on the right called Mirasoles street, there is the CEAPS Nicolás Bravo and the Cedro street where you can park and buy food in the shop. To reach the climbing area you must go up along the steep street, there are some paths and they are marked on the next picture.


Here are the maps with the details.


Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3

Public transport from Mexico City
– Using the metro you need to reach the Cuatro Caminos station, in the blue line. From the Cuatro Caminos station you neet to take a bus, called “pesero” with destination to “las HUERTAS 1ra Sección, Naucalpan de Juárez”. It costs 20 pesos and is a 40 minutes trip.


Place Description

Flora and Fauna: oak forest, eucalytpus and Pirul trees. There are mouses, rattlesnakes, squirrels and dogs.
Costs: Free.
Climbing Type: Sport climbing
Rock Type: Basalt and quarry stone coloured gray and dark brown.
Weather: Mild and coldly (25°C). Climbing all the year except when it rains.
Equipment: 70 meters rope, 15 to 20 quickdraws and helment (there could be rockfalls).
Recomended behaviour: Keep in the trail, don’t do fires, don’t left garbage in the place and if you travel with your dog you should keep the dog on a leash and collect the wastes.
Security: It is a safe zone, but it is recomended to travel in groups.
Where to buy: you can find little shops (called misceláneas) on the road, a good place to stop is in the street Cedros, there is a shop to buy food.
Where to stay: You can’t camp in the zone so you must go to a nearby hotel in Naucalpan or even in Mexico City.

Emergency phone numbers:
Municipal police: (55)5373-0291 and (55)5560-3868
Civil Protection: (55)5358-1378

– Hospital Río de la Loza (gynecology and obstetrics)
Address: Paseo Alexander Von Humboldt No.88, 3a. Sección de Lomas Verdes, C.P. 53120, Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México.
Phone numbers:  5343-1060 / 5343-3032 / 5343-7555 / Fax: 5343-7019
– Hospital San José Satélite (Especialidades: Varias)
Address: Circuito Circunvalación Pte. 53, Cd. Satélite, Naucalpan, Estado de México.
Phone numbers: 5572-1599, Fax: 5562-7723
– Hospital de Traumatología y Ortopedia
Address: Av. lomas verdes esquina Manuel Avila Camacho Colonia Ejido del Oro CP 53120 Naucalpan de Juárez Estado de México
Phone numbers: 5373-8140 and 5560-9287

Tops: Click in the image (they are in spanish)


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