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Las Manzanas (Nzafi), Santa Ana Jilotzingo (inglés)

Cordinates: 19.505291, -99.394552

how to get there:

With car from Mexico City
– Option 1: It is a trip of 40 minutes with no traffic jam, otherwise it can takes an hour. You should take Rio San Joaquin Avenue with west direction until you reach Toreo de Cuatro Caminos then you need to take Periferico to the north direction. Continue in Periferico until you reach the Primero de Mayo Avenue and take it to the left, you should continue in Primero de Mayo until you reach the Chamapa-Lechería highway. You need to take the highway to the north until you reach the Santa Ana Jilotzingo extit. Once you have taken the exit you must continue another 8 kilometers until you encounter a gas station on the left side, turn left and continue on the Barrio de las Manzanas street as it is indicated on the next map.








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