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Guanajuato Valley of Santiago, Natural Protected Area Hoya de Álvarez part of Las Siete Luminarias

Valley of Santiago, Guanajuato
In an area called The Seven Luminaries is a volcanic region in the neovolcanic axis that covers an area of ​​90 km, it is said that the geographical placement of the volcanoes coincides with the stars of the constellation Ursa Major.
Each volcano has a particularity as discussed below
La Alberca (Tallacua), is located within the urban area of ​​Valle de Santiago, with a crater 750 meters in diameter, which contained sulphurous waters, is currently dry.
La Hoya de Cíntora (Andaracua puerto tarasco language), is located in the heart of this area. Its medicinal waters are attributed to its salty waters, I possessed an infinity of caves, some with enigmatic and mysterious rock paintings. There are fruit trees such as the orange tree, vegetation such as wormwood and estafiate. They have also found archaeological remains. Used as a growing area today.
Hoya de Flores (Membereca Place of blood language purépecha), where there are remains of a prehispanic ceremonial center, caves with cave paintings and springs that spring from the rocks. It is the largest of the craters. In its interior there are thermal waters and its fertile lands have produced great harvests. The first giant vegetables were given here.
Rincón de Parangueo (Liricua purépecha), volcano with alkaline waters, its access is through a tunnel, half a km, carved into the rock. They have a lake with calm waters. Like the Hoya de Cíntora, it has an infinity of caves that have hardly been explored and in some of them there are petroglyphs.
The Alvárez and Solíz pits do not contain water and have been used for agricultural purposes. The one of Alvárez that has a diameter of 2 km allows to have a point of observation of the night sky, since it hides the light by its high edges.
Hoya de San Nicolás, has the peculiarity that its waters change color, as it also happens with a crater near the city of Yuriria.
Hoya de Álvarez, Guanajuato
It is a climbing area with more than 15 routes of all levels within a volcano crater, with a diameter of two km.
Inside the crater there is a community that sows different grains and vegetables, as well as a communal pool.
The area is safe to camp or walk around.
La Hoya de Álvarez is located in the Valley of Santiago or The Seven Luminaries and is made up of 8 volcanoes, not 7. Each one of them has an example of an accumulation of water, in another the water is left behind. sales, as well as different diameters and depth.





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